BAKELAB by Teamo

tim & joyce We like to think of ourselves as dessert experts; the kind of people blessed with a highly developed sense of taste and smell.  We probably might have eaten thousands of cakes and muffins and brownies and cookies, and we have agonized over our dessert menu and among others things to the point of absurdity.

As a kid, I was always eager to get to the ending of the baking process nonetheless - where you get to lick the wooden spoon of all the delicious creamy leftovers!  Mom will always make us exercise our arms, where I had to cream the butter and sugar by hand until light and fluffy (back then...this was a torturous task, but the sweet endings of fresh cake beckons). 

As for Timothy, his favourite time of the year is Christmas, where all the Christmas goodies and sweet smells of fresh kuih Sarawak (or Sarawak cake) at home, prompts him to speed home from wherever he is.  The best was, not only one mum was in the house, but in fact, many mums have gathered in the house to prepare sweet foods for the season.  It’s all ma-ma-mia!

teamo begun from a passion and an obsession for the sweet and pretty side of food.  This little storefront is our way of expressing our passion for a perfect bake studio and we call it, teamo (adapted from the Spanish word – te amo), simply meant – love you.

We are enthusiastic about baking, cooking, food, and travel.  I am always in search of new recipes and baking books, unique methods.  If we travel, desserts, food and photography are never far from our minds.

To elevate our passion, I have been through various classes in desserts, breads and pastries.  I am also a Wilton Sugar Artist and had the wonderful opportunity to spend a very valuable two days learning observation in a famous bakery in Melbourne, Phillippa's. This was to gain an insight of the whole process from the fine grains of flour to rustic bread & pastry products, packaging, delivery and retail marketing at cafe level.  I am ever grateful to Andrew & Phillippa for their time and allowing me to meet their baking family.


Every measurement lends a different result in baking, and those are the wonders worth exploring, and which we invite you to join us in experimenting them together. As always, baking is nothing if not for passion, love and fun. So come and meet us!

Teamo is owned and operated by Joyce Siew & Timotius Ding.